King’s Cross is undergoing dramatic changes. The tower blocks and corporate offices that are redefining the area make it seem a universe away from the slums and workhouses of a hundred years ago, or the squats and warehouse raves of twenty years ago. Using story gathering and story sharing tools, we are exploring what the area has meant to people historically, and what it means to them now.

The King’s Cross Story Palace is a two year project that will tell some of the stories that have been important to the people that have lived, worked and played in the area over the last 100 years. We’ll be showcasing social history and personal memories from the mile radius around King’s Cross station on our online archive, which we’ll be launching in September 2018, and in a series of exhibitions and walking tours. 

As well as recording and showcasing stories, we are developing a toolkit for people that want to run similar projects. We are working with volunteers, and a team of heritage ambassadors who will continue aspects of the project in the future.

The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, for two years.


Launched in 2011, Historypin is a social enterprise that supports communities in sharing and exploring local history online and making connections in their neighbourhoods. historypin.org / @historypin

Launched in 1998, the Building Exploratory is a learning and engagement organisation that helps communities to discover the secrets of their local area. It works across London to engage community groups in celebrating their built environment, its heritage, buildings and public spaces. www.buildingexploratory.org.uk / @buildingexplore