Foundations of the Palace

The founding principle of the Story Palace is to build stronger communities by engaging people in dialogues, sharing stories and uncovering hidden histories. We want to equip organisations to engage local people from different backgrounds to share their stories with one another. By sharing those stories, people and communities will get to know one another better and feel more rooted in their local area.

But none of what we do would be possible without the great work done by those before us. Here a look at some projects over the years that have helped lay the foundations for the Story Palace.

  • Camden Encounters – For Camden’s semi-centennial celebrations in 2015, artist and photographer Elly Clarke collected 25 memories at the sites to which they belong through a series of encounters with people who live/d and work/ed in the Borough. She gathered on-site audio recordings and photographic portraits of the people she met, as well as a video portrait of the location itself.


  • The Guardian’s Streetstories – In 2012, The Guardian created an immersive audio guide for smartphones. The app featured stories from individuals in King’s Cross, also home to the Guardian’s HQ. The app is no longer available, but some of the rich stories are still to be heard.


  • 50 Years / 50 Voices – In 2015, the 50 Years/50 Voices exhibition was commissioned by King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership and displayed at the King’s Cross Visitor Centre. The exhibition told the story of King’s Cross through the memories and anecdotes of local residents.


  • King’s Cross Voices – Between 2004 and 2008, The King’s Cross Voices oral history project worked with community members and local partners to record the memories and unique life experiences of those who have lived, worked and studied in the King’s Cross area.
    The catalogues of Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre, including the recordings and transcriptions of King’s Cross Voices, are available on public computers in all Camden Libraries. You may search the database for particular recordings, and also listen to either a ‘snippet’ or the whole interview.

We’re always interested in working withprojects and initiatives that are looking to build connections and develop dialogues. If you have something to share or would like to work together, please get in touch with Nicole at