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Edward Margiotta

Edward Margiotta
Edward Margiotta, photo by Lainy Malkani

Edward Margiotta’s grandfather was an iceman. Like many Italian migrants at that time, he worked for the hugely successful Carlo Gatti empire, loading great blocks of ice onto a horse and cart and distributing it around the Kings Cross area in the early 1900’s. Later, when Edward’s mother was born he moved to Hammersmith where he started a new life as an ice cream vendor. Tragically, his life was cut short when he returned to Italy to fight in the First World War.

I joined Edward, an amateur historian and author of ‘Postcards of the Easter Rising -1916’ at his home in North London and listened while he reflected on the life of his grandfather Oduardo Silva and the legacy he left behind.

Oduardo Silva with ice tongs
Oduardo Silva with ice tongs, photo courtesy of Edward Margiotta

Story by Lainy Malkani


Kings Cross, London, UK