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We first met Queenie while running a story sharing event at the Millman St Community Centre in Camden. Queenie’s presence at these sessions was always felt. Shouting out when she remembered things – always keen for a sing along, her love for the area she has spent a lifetime in was clearly evident.

At 97 Queenie has spent her whole life in King’s Cross. Her children were all born there, and even when she went on holiday she was always happy to get home.

Her sense of fairness and of giving people a chance came through in one of her recollections.

Standing outside Pentonville Rd Prison with her friends, they would wait for the prisoners to appear at the windows and blow them kisses;

‘That was a very sad thing when we used to to go to them…it was about making them feel like they’re still with us.. so that when they came home they would still have their friends’.

By her own reckoning King’s Cross has improved greatly and is not nearly as rough as it used to be.

After ninety seven years I’m sure she is right.

Queenie sings and talks about why Caledonian Rd will always be home.