An introduction to the King’s Cross Story Palace Team

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, we’ve developed a project which aims to enrich the stories of local people, and uncover more untold histories from Somers Town, to Great Ormond Street, to the eponymous railway station that’s faithfully served commuters and locals throughout the years. We will be making connections with groups and individuals, as well as working with a wealth of local organisations to record and document the changes and developments of King’s Cross over the last 100 years.

Here’s a brief introduction to our team, who are based out of The Building Exploratory and Historypin, both in Farringdon:

Aimeé Taylor, Public Engagement Officer

Aimée will be responsible for both the volunteer recruitment and training as well as overseeing the delivery of public exhibitions across the project.

Carlotta Manzi Davies, Programme Assistant

As Programme Assistant, Carlotta helps with the day-to-day work of the team, making sure they’re well connected and that the project is running as smoothly as possible.

Katie Russell, Heritage Coordinator

As Heritage Coordinator, Katie is responsible for assisting across the project with historical research, content development and managing volunteers.

Michael Hall, Content Producer

Michael reviews and curates the materials that we discover along our journey, and is responsible for creating content that tells the stories we’ve heard in the community and beyond.

Polly Rodgers, Community Officer

Polly is one of the two Community Engagement Officers on the King’s Cross Story Palace project. She spends her time talking to as many people in the area as possible, and gathering stories from groups and individuals.

Nicole Emmenegger, Historypin Programme Manager

Nicole is the Programme Manager for Historypin overseeing our various community and storytelling projects.

Nicole Crockett, Building Exploratory Director

Nicole is the Building Exploratory Director, managing projects across the organisation that help people discover the secrets of their local area and gain a better understanding of the buildings and spaces that surround them.

Michael Ambjorn, Historypin CEO

At Historypin Michael oversees the development and maintenance of storytelling methods used by 3000+ cultural organisations to expand their communities – and bring their resources to life.

We hope you’ll come back to this page to keep abreast of developments in the project. If you want to speak to any of our core team about specific areas of the project, or learn more about them, you can do so by clicking here.