Autumnal Apple Juicing

Last week the King’s Cross Story Palace team were invited to take part in an Apple Juicing day on the Priory Green Estate.

Run by The Orchard Project, a national charity dedicated to the creation, restoration and celebration of community orchards, the Apple Juicing day was a lovely way to bring the local community together.  Residents and passers by were given the opportunity to try their hand at using a Cross Beam Press to turn orchard grown apples into wonderful apple juice.  Children and adults alike delighted in turning the wooden handle in order to release the sweet nectar.  The whole thing felt rather magical and I was reminded of a children’s nursery rhythm  

Apple Tree
This is the tree
With leaves so green.
Here are the apples
That hang in between.
When the wind blows
The apple will fall,
Here is the basket to gather them all.

Supported by our wonderful volunteers the King’s Cross Story Palace team set up a Story Gathering booth at the Secret Cafe run by the wonderful Dee Cutts. We got some lovely feedback and the top favourite sport was the local Joseph Grimaldi Park After all this thirsty story gathering work we of course still found time to sample some of the wonderfully natural sweet apple juice. Delicious!  

All this talk of apples has left the team feeling rather hungry.  So if you don’t have a cross beam press at home for apple juicing then why not have a go a creating that buttery delicious english classic the apple crumble, served with a good helping of cream of course! 

Apple Crumble by Nigel Slater 

Do you have a favourite apple recipe? Or autumn Poem? Share them with us via Twitter or Instagram: @_storypalace