Guest blog: Katie Devlin, 17, Somers Town

Since the start of the project we have been working with some fantastic volunteers who have been helping us make the King’s Cross project come alive. Here Katie Devlin, who joined the team for a week of work experience, reflects on growing up in the area.  

My King’s Cross

King’s Cross is a great place to grow up, it has a diversity unmatched by many other places, even within London, and there is a strong sense of community. I’ve written about some of the places that have influenced me most in my 17 years to try and share my perspective of the area.

Below is a picture from the re‐opening of my primary school, St Mary’s and St Pancras CofE Primary School. I was in year 2 at the time and remember it was a really exciting day with the whole school out to celebrate and parade down to St Mary’s Church, where we held plays, nativities and christingles throughout the years.

Re-opening of my Primary School

Most of my time outside of school was spent in various parks, including misusing the gym in Plot 10 (which I only found out yesterday is actually called Polygon Road Open Space). Sledding down a tea tray in Purchase Street Open Space on a snowy day and fighting over the big swing in Coram’s Fields. Coram’s was especially important as it was where I went for girl guiding every week between the ages of 7 and 14, learning how to use morse code, orienteer and make scoubidous. The Fields served as a backdrop for many friendships and great games through all my childhood.

‘Plot 10’ a popular playground for local children

The area has remained an important part of my life even now I’ve spent more time further afield, with friends all over London. It has been interesting to see how King’s Cross and Somers Town have changed and grown from my early memories, and even earlier records. I did an art project on this earlier in the year and it will be amazing to see how King’s Cross Story Palace records other people’s views on this unique place.