Remixing King’s Cross

Tom Marshman performing King’s Cross (Remix) Photo by Michael Hall

Tom Marshman’s nostalgia for a time he was too young to experience is the springboard for his latest production King’s Cross (Remix) now on at the Camden People’s Theatre.

With King’s Cross as the stage, we’re taken on a trip through the vitality and sadness of Mrs Thatcher’s 1980s Britain. Lip syncing and dancing his way through characters Tom met at his infamous ‘Tea Parties’, we experience the colour, sounds and vibrancy of an area, which, at the time, was seen as wasteland: ‘plenty of places to hide’ as Tom says.
A dance culture where the smell of poppers  filled the air, regeneration, ridiculing Tories and the HIV/AIDS epidemic all add to the sense that this was a time and place where politics and partying mix.

With the King’s Cross shiny regeneration well underway, Tom’s characters are all but gone, reminding me how it’s community that makes a place.

To find out more about the show click here.